Weight Loss – Forgive Yourself and Start Fresh

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full belly 150x150 Weight Loss – Forgive Yourself and Start Fresh

What better time to start setting your focus on your weight and health goals than just after the Thanksgiving feast and just before the holiday gorging begins? I am doing a series on weight loss and I will be taking the journey with you.


You see, I have always been a petite 5'5” woman who never weighed over 112 pounds. Until forty. Then I ran into some new challenges that I had never encountered, as my weight started creeping higher and higher on the dreaded scale. Gone were the days of devouring chocolate, chocolate chip Hagen Daz ice cream with M&M's, chocolate syrup and whip cream three nights a week.


Yes, I am coming clean and baring my soul to you. I will even tell you that at one time, the number that looked back at me from the device that was mocking me as I stood on it, was 140. To some of you that may not seem like much and to others you will ask how it got that far. One hundred and forty pounds on my small frame shows, big time. I know the agony of not wanting to go out because you don't think you look good in anything that's in your closet. I know how it feels to not want to buy clothes because of the size on the tag. I know the frustration of wanting to eat something so delicious like a big slice of chocolate cake but struggling to find the will power say no. (Can you tell I kinda like chocolate?)

scale 150x150 Weight Loss – Forgive Yourself and Start Fresh

The fact is, we make it harder than it has to be. I know that, but I was letting my emotions and the way I think control me, rather than me controlling my emotions and my life.


I have started taking control of my weight and my health choices.


I will be telling you what I am doing as I am doing it and what you need to do to get the results I am getting and will continue to get. I created a simple outline and started implementing the effortless steps a week and a half ago. I have not reached my goal yet but I have lost 5 pounds in that week and a half. I started at 131 and I am now at 126.


I know I will achieve my goals. I know this with all certainty. Success starts in knowing you will succeed. Now I am putting it out there for all the world to see. I am putting myself, my pride… I am putting it all on the line and I will not fail. It is very important to me to take back my health and weight for many of the same reasons we all know we should. But more importantly, I cannot let you down. You need to know it can be done. You need to see it has been done by someone facing what you are facing too. You need easy steps to doing it that feel good and make you happy. And we will do it together.

Thinking Thin 150x150 Weight Loss – Forgive Yourself and Start Fresh

The most crucial key to success in managing all aspects of your health is how you think about it. Change your thinking and you will change your results. We will get into that and other simple ways to permanently take control of your lifestyle throughout the series. Before I begin my next blog, I want to take a moment to talk about forgiveness.


When I think of Thanksgiving, my thoughts invariably turn to forgiving. When we appreciate the people in our lives and the roles they have had in shaping us, forgiving past transgressions seems fitting and natural. Now it is time to do something that can be more difficult. Forgive yourself.


If you have been leading a lifestyle of over eating, not eating foods that nourish you, inactivity that seems to have resulted in atrophy or other physical issues, that is all in the past, if you let it be. That is behind you, if you let it be. The only way those poor choices can come back to cause you regret is if you let it, either by regretting it or thinking about it.


Nobody has ever shed a single pound by worrying about their weight or regretting the second slice of dessert the night before. Regret causes a cycle of helplessness that actually causes us to eat more and make more of the choices that led to our feeling so bad to begin with. And nobody has ever shed a pound by telling themselves they are fat, or this is what they deserve for being such a pig.


Get rid of the negative everything. Out with the negative self speak, out with the negative phrasing of goals, out with the negative self image! We are going to start looking at who we are going to be. We are going to make the choices that will transform us into the person we can and should be. We are going to take simple, easy steps that will lead to a fulfilling lifestyle where we will be living at our fullest potential. We are going to have more love to give and be more open to receive more love in return. We are going to do this together.


In the next blog we will talk about the difference between knowing what to do and actually doing what we have to do to get the results we are looking for. I hope you had an amazing Thanksgiving for those who celebrate it. For now, let's just forgive ourselves for our poor choices and realize that it really is no big deal. The big deal is in making a commitment now to making better choices for your future.


This is going to be so much easier than you think!

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Believe and Receive’s Picture of the Day

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5Thursday 2 262x300 Believe and Receives Picture of the Day

You have an unlimited supply of smiles. Why not give one away?

Giving Thanks and Gratitude

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On Thanksgiving, it is customary to ponder the things we have to be grateful for. Traditionally, you join for a meal with the friends and family you love and appreciate the company of the wonderful people in your life. We count our blessings and give thanks.

Thanksgiving45 150x150 Giving Thanks and Gratitude


While many of us are thankful for the advantages life has given us, the people in our lives and the experiences we have enjoyed that have brought us joy throughout our days there is a subtle but big difference between being thankful and living in gratitude. Today, while you are reflecting on what you have to be thankful for, is the perfect time to begin living in gratitude.


The difference between being thankful and being grateful is emotion. When I am thankful to have a day off, in the back of my mind I think, “This is nice, this is good. My time is my own and I am enjoying it”. When I am grateful to have the day off, there is a feeling of joy and pleasure. I relish my time and I have a lot more fun. The quality of my life is improved. The difference is, I feel more alive, happier, I realize I am truly blessed with the gift I am delighting in. And it is quite a wonderful difference.


Being thankful is like settling for second best, and you should never have to settle. When we feel gratitude, our energy is operating at a higher vibrational frequency than if we are merely thankful. The higher your energy vibration, the happier you are, the better the quality of your life, the more desires you are able to manifest and manifest more quickly, the more you are able to give, the better the quality of your relationships… the list of ways your life improves is long. Gratitude is the place where miracles happen.


Now that you understand how important it is to be grateful and what it can do for you, how do you transcend from acknowledging your blessings to being filled with complete appreciation and gratitude?

thanksgiving family 150x150 Giving Thanks and Gratitude

Since it is Thanksgiving, I will mention that one great way is being with people that you love and vocalizing you appreciation for them. Most importantly, when you sincerely open your heart and express why they mean so much to you, make sure you feel it, and that feeling is communicated in your voice and your inflections.


Moving forward, a gratitude list is one of very many useful tools. Make a list of all the things you have to be grateful for. List the people in your family, from your hobbies, from work, from school. From your past. List teachers, mentors, people who have encouraged you or taught you things that have made your life better. List the things you have that make your life easier. If you have a car, a home with air conditioning, a bicycle, a garden, list it. Think of any past experiences, whether it was a vacation, a summer love, an opportunity and put it on the list. Make it a long list. There are so many marvelous real life miracles if you start to look for them.


Now here is the key to making your gratitude list work for you. When you think about something on your list, feel the reason why they or it is on your list. For example, if you have the memory of a trip to the Bahamas on the list, it is on the list because you felt good when you were there. So feel good when you think about your paradise get away. Feel the warm sun on your cheeks as a slight breeze gently brushes across your shoulders. Let go of all thoughts but the joy you are feeling as you hear the sound of the surf crash against the shore and retreat to the ocean, taking with it all your worries. Feel the complete serenity and bliss the courses through your soul as you realize that life does not get better than this, you are exactly where you should be and all is perfect in the universe. Feel, feel, feel…..


Did I mention that the key to making gratitude work for you and turn your life around is really feeling it?


When you live in a state of gratitude, you notice all the miracles around you and you are able to manifest miracles that only those who believe that can, are able to.

God’s Creatures

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All God's creatures deserve our compassion.

You Are Destined To Do Great Things

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3Tuesday BarPod 300x225 You Are Destined To Do Great Things Believe deep down in your heart that you are destined to do great things.

Kindeness, Beauty and Truth

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2Monday BaR PoD 300x194 Kindeness, Beauty and Truth


Just Do It

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Dream. Plan. ACTION!


If you spend too much time thinking about a thing you will never get it done. ~Bruce Lee

I am dedicating this blog, my second blog, to Alan Kerskey. He was a dear friend of mine and a very good person. For one of my birthdays, he and his wife Doe, got me a beautiful gold necklace that read “Just Do It”, like the famous Nike slogan.

A little puzzled at what the “it” that I was being asked to do was, I queried, “Just do what”? Then he paid he a very high compliment. “It's not a suggestion”, he replied, “it's who you are.”


He was referring to the fact that I had recently written and self published an Elvis Presley trivia book that he did the cover artwork for. I was also the lead singer and keyboard player for a very popular band as my night job and when I decided I wanted to host a television show, within 3 months, I had a camera, a time slot on FOX channel 29 in West Palm Beach, Florida and I was on air. Additional, I co-hosted a radio show that featured local musicians once a week.


He was also aware that I knew nothing about publishing a book before I did it and I even less about filming and editing a TV show before I started my four and a half year run on the major network.


So how did I accomplish all of these pretty big goals? The biggest key is action. Just do it.


Blog 2 Bruce Lee quote 264x300 Just Do It


Most of us know how to dream big. Imagination and daydreaming are something we should delight in. I believe that you should dream big dreams on a regular basis. And when you realize those dreams, dream another different and wonderful dream.

Many of us are good at planning. We make our lists, take classes and try to get everything just right before we get started with breathing life into our dreams. We say we will get started once we do this, finish that or learn something to make our job easier or our work look better. But this is where we are wrong, wrong, wrong!

Yes, planning is good and I do believe it is necessary. By all means, plan away, take the class, be prepared for opportunity, get poised for success. These are all things we should be doing. But do not let your planning, your education and your preparation keep you from getting started.

Blog 2 Dream Plan Action 249x300 Just Do It


I had a schedule of all the things I am going to learn and do. I wanted the website to have several additional changes, I wanted to make sure I knew how to use the many applications I am starting to use, I wanted to make sure I knew all about social media, mailing lists and how to best serve the people I was writing for. But then I found that inspirational “Just Do It” necklace in my jewelry box and almost heard the words of a man I cherish whispering in my ear, “It's who you are”.

I remembered that I used to learn what I was doing as I was doing it. I would jump in with both feet, laughing and loving whatever I encountered as I threw my heart and soul into the project at hand. I remember that I had less time, less money, less everything then, but I never let any of that be an excuse. I had learned to ask myself and everyone around me how I could get it done and never entertain the thought that it could not get done. I had learned, and then I forgot.

I still have that schedule of things to learn, the list of things that need to be done and my plan of action, but I have remembered the joy of passionately embracing a project and seeing it materialize before your eyes. And I remembered that the success is in the doing, the bliss is in the journey. I cannot think of anyone who enjoys planning a vacation more than actually going on the vacation!

So unpolished as my words may be before I have taken the copy writing classes, and though my site may be currently less than perfect if I don't have my blog theme or font just right, I am going to “Just do it”.