Look Ahead… But Live In The Now

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The end of the year signals a time to look back and reflect. Once you have spent a little time in the past, gleaning valuable insight from your choices, both good and bad, it is time to put the past behind you. Don't worry, memories of things gone by will always be there, easily accessible if you need them as learning tools or for that warm fuzzy feeling that recalling great experiences can bring you.

Likewise, the new year signals a time to look ahead. It is a time for new beginnings, hope and regrowth. Think of the new year as the chance to plan a vacation or a special trip. When we plan a get away, we think about the many places we may want to go and things we would like to do that would make us happy. Would we enjoy a road trip, stopping in a different city every two days to thoroughly explore it's beauty? Would we like an exotic escapade where we fly to a far off place and see things we have never seen? Maybe a learning adventure would suit us, where we do a cooking class in Italy? Isn't it fun thinking of the possibilities?


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Once we come up with options that please us, the next step is to make a choice. Narrow it down to which destination makes us the happiest and feels right. Have great fun imagining that you are currently experiencing the pleasure of each escapade. The choice may be obvious or you may have to rate and weight. Which one gives you the most pleasure now and which one would be more beneficial in the long run. Then decide on which glorious path to take.

Now, it's time to have even more fun. To make this incredible journey a reality, you must do a little planning. What do you need to do before you go? You will need to decide how soon you can go, how you are getting there and get your tickets or plan your route. You will need someplace to stay when you get there. You get the pleasure of researching the many fantastic opportunities and things to see while you are there.

Even writing this blog, I am dreaming up all kinds of outstanding plans for my next vacation. It can be pretty exciting to plan your future. And while you are looking ahead and trying to arrange things that are pleasing to you, think of all areas of your life this way too.


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First we must decide which direction we want to go in. What do we wish to accomplish in the next 3 months, 1 year and 5 years? What options do we have and which ones feel the best. Know that just because you have never done something, does not mean that you cannot. Your brain is wired to work one way, but with time and practice, you can rewire it and develop the neuro pathways to acquire new skills. You are capable of so much more than you know. There is a field of infinite possibilities that you can tap into where all things are possible.

A short hundred years ago, who thought we could have groups of people flying through the air, or send a letter to Russia that would arrive in minutes on an electronic box? Think it, plan it, do it; the formula that works. So get creative and have fun with what direction you want to go in.

A great way to figure this out is to ask yourself how you would be spending your time, what you would want to accomplish if you won $50,000,000 after taxes were taken out in the lottery. Go ahead, pause here and indulge in the fantasy. The blog will be here after you snap out of your daydream.

Whatever you imagined your dream life to be, that is the goal you should be working towards. Now, if you were to live this perfect life, the life of your dreams, how would you get there? Never, ever, ever, ever, think about what obstacles are in your way. There are only solutions, some more obvious than others. What do you need to do to get where you are going? Create a plan of action.

When I decided to start my television show, I knew nothing in that field. I had to research cameras, learn about lighting, learn to video edit because I had such a small budget. I sold the ads that funded the show, handled the billing, collections, office work, scripting the commercials, editing them, doing the graphics work and voice overs. My boyfriend filmed the shots I asked him to with the one big investment I made in the company, my 3 chip, digital Sony video camera with a 1:1 firewire ratio output. It was state of the art at that time and my pride and joy. I ran into many challenges, garnered a wealth of knowledge and I did it. I was on WFLX Fox channel 29 for four and a half years. And I did it because I always looked at what most considered a road block as a chance to slow down and increase my abilities, by learning how to navigate this path rather than turning around because it got hard. Excuses are easy to find, but they are empty. An excuse has no life unless you breath life into it by using it to justify not making the choice you know you should have and needed to in order to get where you set out to go. If there is a bridge out on your road trip, you don't just go home. You take a detour and keep your eyes open for hidden treasures you may encounter along the new path.


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Now that you have your destination and your plan of action, it's time to live the dream! You live the dream by fully appreciating all the wonderful steps on your path. Plan for the future, but feel gratitude for each moment. It is great fun thinking of where you want to go, especially when you are content in the knowledge that you really can do, have or be anything you want. Enjoy the time you devote to clarifying your desires. Embrace the time you take to design your future. The possibilities are endless and opportunities immense. Most of all, look forward to each and every step you take on this journey you are manifesting. Don't stay so focused on where you are going that you are not soaking in where you are. When you hit a detour, look for something special to see, do or learn and the intrusion becomes a blessing. Living the life of your dreams is not about a series of extraordinary moments, it is about making every moment extraordinary.

Believe and Receive’s Picture of the Day

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Believe and Receive’s Picture of the Day

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Believe and Receive’s Picture of the Day

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Looking Back – Reflect, Never Regret

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As the end of the year steals closer, it seems inevitable that we look back over the months and even our life, to take stock and make assessments. What goals did we reach? What obstacles did we overcome? Did we do enough, accomplish enough, improve enough over the last twelve months?

Looking back can be a valuable tool for us. We should reflect on our friendships, our relationships, our livelihoods and our finances. To move forward, it helps to measure the past. By asking ourselves if we were the best friend we could be, how we could have offered more and how we could have handled the difficult situations, we learn. Sometimes we say the wrong thing, forget an important occasion or handle a situation in a way that upsets a friend. That is alright, and if you have a healthy relationship, it is good even. If it is a true friendship, this person will know you didn't mean to make them cause them undue stress. They will also know that these “confrontations” do not have to be anything more than expressing your feelings to each other which will strengthen your relationship.

When we contemplate our past and consider where we were and where we are now, we should never measure ourselves by anyone's standards other than our own. The only way examining the past will be of any good to you is if you never compare yourself to another. Comparison is the center of all misery. It offers no value and undermines everything you are. You have special and unique talents and gifts. You are a unique piece of the jigsaw puzzle that we call life. You are needed to complete the puzzle. You are needed exactly as you are. You are moving at the perfect speed and you are in the perfect place. Why compare yourself when there is no comparison. Nobody is better at being you than you and you can never be better at being someone else than that person is.

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But it is in our nature to grow and expand. As much as we need stability and familiarity in our life to stay balanced, we also need variety and excitement. Different people need varying degrees of each, but we are all learning and changing every day, whether we know it or not and whether we like it or not.


So when you look back, measure what you wanted, what you got, how you changed, what you gained and what you lost. It does not matter how far you have come, if you reached your goal or if you stumbled on a better goal on your way to the first one. When we reflect, we are doing so to learn. Shining a light on our past only serves us if we become better people because of it, f we let it mold us into more caring, compassionate individuals and if we use what we have learned to add value to our universe.

There are many human emotions that simply do not serve us. Regret is one of them. We all have things we wish we had not done. So it is fair to say we regret those things. But there is a difference between thinking that maybe a particular decision wasn't the best choice you have ever made and letting regret cause negative emotions that will keep you from getting the most out of life. Once we have deemed something to have been a mistake, reflection will allow us to glean valuable lessons so we can modify our behavior and adapt so that we can grow. If we ever face a similar situation, that memory will surface as a reminder of an unwanted outcome. Looking at a situation or event from the outside to observe and learn has great worth. Letting that memory make you feel bad had no worth at all. There is no need to dwell on things that do not make us feel good.


happygirl 72Res smaller 150x150 Looking Back   Reflect, Never RegretOur thoughts determine how we feel. Pleasant thoughts make us happier. It raises our vibrational frequency and just feels better. Replaying thoughts of anger over something that was done to us makes us more upset, making us feel bad. It lowers our frequency and our mental and physical state of being. Every thought moves us closer or further away from our goals and our purpose in life. The more positive thoughts we have, the better our life will be. If we can look at our mistakes objectively and see them as having the great value they do, without letting the thought of them make us feel bad, we will move closer to our true nature of being in sync with the universe.

Believe and Receive’s Picture of the Day

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Believe and Receive’s Picture of the Day

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Believe and Receive’s Picture of the Day

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Gratitude, Blessings and Miracles

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For those of us who celebrate Christmas, and many who do not, it really is a magical time of year. We gather with family, friends and those close to our hearts. We feel more love and we express more love. People are more cheerful and giving (except perhaps in line at the mall). It is as if someone sprinkled an invisible powder in the air that makes us warmer, more forgiving, and incredibly open hearted. The best in us surfaces and we love the feeling of being at our best.

It is a time for gratitude. Each of us has so much to be grateful for. If you do not have a gratitude list, why not make one and remind yourself often? When you can truly feel gratitude for people, events, accomplishments and just for being alive, you are nourishing your body and soul. It feels so good. Think back to a time you are very grateful for; a birth, a graduation, reaching a major goal. Something that made you feel on top of the world, like nothing could touch you. Go back there and relive the memory. Smell what you were smelling, feel what you were touching, make that memory and all the feelings that came with it a reality in your mind. Feel your joy, feel your pride, feel the gratitude for everything that lead up to this moment, this perfect moment. Gratitude is awesome. It feels good, it improves your mental and physical health, and it brings you more to be grateful for. Practice it often. When you live with a constant feeling of gratitude, when you are living in a perpetual state of gratitude, you will then find yourself living the life of your dreams.


Count your blessings. That is a saying that has stood the test of time. Probably because it is such good advice. Blessings are the gifts we have in life, the things we have to be grateful for. Gratitude is the feeling we get when we are genuinely appreciative of those gifts or blessings. Since gratitude is a feeling, it can be hard to thankful when we are not in a good mood to start with. This is where counting your blessings come in. A gratitude list is simply a blessings list, a list of things you feel fortunate to have or have experienced. Everyone should have one.

Journal 140 res smaller Gratitude, Blessings and MiraclesWhen you are in a place of gratitude, your energy level vibrates at a higher frequency. When you are feeling sad, upset or angry, your vibration is much lower. By reading the list of your blessings and visualizing the events, people or memories, you will naturally elevate your spirits and your energy, making you feel better and have a better life experience.

One of the very cool side effects of taking time to acknowledge the gifts that have been bestowed upon you throughout your life is that you begin to see miracles. When we see a shooting star, we tend to think of it as a rare and miraculous event. Indeed, it is miraculous, but certainly not rare. Because we can only see these arcs of light paint the sky when it is dark and clear, free of clouds that can't be seen but still obscure your sight, we tend to think of them as more significant and meaningful. This is why most people perceive a shooting star as a sign, a miraculous occurrence that holds some kind of significance.

Shooting star Gratitude, Blessings and Miracles


But a shooting star is no less a miracle because it happens more often than you thought it did. And the colors on a butterflies wings are no less a masterpiece of natures design because they are common. The smell of a baby, the smile of a child, the feel of a cool breeze on your cheek, the feel of sand or grass between your toes, the scent of lavender, the unconditional love of your dog… there are so many miracles. Each breath you take, each day you live is a miracle. They are everywhere, and they are all very significant.

When you recognize the every day things that are actually quite miraculous, you are filled with gratitude. And when you are filled with gratitude, you delight in discovering the hidden treasures that are right before you. What a wonderful cycle, yes? To be filled with the joy, bliss and knowledge that everything is perfect and you are exactly where you should be is a gift. We should be diligent about keeping our thoughts and our focus on a life of gratitude. If you can feel the love every day of your life, you will have a life of love as your reward.

Believe and Receive’s Picture of the Day

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