Think Yourself Thin

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Pants Too Big Think Yourself Thin


In my last blog I wrote about how you can use your thoughts to get the life of your dreams. For most of us, the life of our dreams includes good health. Whether your perfect future includes travel, writing a novel, or starting a new company, how much joy you get out of that future will depend on how well your body serves you.

The person you are, your soul, your energy, your life force, is housed in flesh and blood. Although we strive to improve our minds and we seek to become better individuals, our spiritual, intellectual and physical pursuits are either aided by or hindered by our physical condition. When our bodies are healthy we are able to enjoy life more completely. There are a myriad of illnesses that are a result of being overweight. Heart problems, knee swelling and damage and loss of energy are just a few.

Still, the most common reason that people site for wanting to lose weight is they want to look good. There is nothing wrong with that. When we look our personal best, our whole demeanor is lifted and we walk with a bit more confidence. Translation, when we look good, we feel good. And when it comes down to it, the reason we want anything in life is to feel good. We want the raise because it will feel good to be recognized and have a little more to spend. We want to remodel the bathroom because it will feel good to have an updated room that we can be proud of. We want the new car because we will feel good when we are behind the wheel driving it. We want to feel good. All of our choices are made with the underlying question of “will this make me feel good”. Which is why we often make the wrong choices.

When it comes to weight loss, there are two things you need to do; eat less, move more. Here is how your thoughts and self speak can lead to success or failure.

In the case of eating too much or the wrong foods, we do this because food brings us pleasure. It makes us feel good now. And we have become a society that loves our instant gratification. When we think about a cupcake (or substitute your junk food kryptonite here), we think, “that would be so good. I love the taste of chocolate and the cake will almost melt in my mouth. The frosting is to die for. I have been working out and I have earned it. I can just imagine how good that would be.”

As we put these words in our head we start imagining our future, the future when we are in a blissful trance eating this decadent piece of joy. We trigger the feel good endorphins and our body wants to complete this transaction. It needs to satisfy the craving that we just talked ourselves into having. We just wrote our future and now it is very hard not to live it.
Healthy Choices 200x300 Think Yourself ThinChange your thinking and change your results!!! Even if you are smart enough to keep unhealthy foods out of your house, you will be faced with them. So you will need to change how you associate with foods. People that are overweight usually associate pleasure and satisfaction with foods that are not good for you. You need to look at these foods for what they are and ask the following questions. How many calories are in this item? Is it mostly fat? Even if it is low fat, what else is in this product? Will this food nourish my body? Are the calories void of any nutritious value? Will my body easily digest it? Will it cause other damage to my body, like clogging my arteries? How long will I need to exercise to burn off these calories? Am I really hungry? How will I feel about this choice in 5 minutes?

I'm pretty sure if you ask yourself these 10 questions before you reach for that doughnut, you will be well on your way to making choices that will enrich your body and consequently also enrich every aspect of your life. Never think about making the wrong choice in a good way. Always think about the benefits of the better choice you are making and how good you will feel when making the right decisions comes easily and naturally.
Stretching Is Good 200x300 Think Yourself ThinNever think about the right decision in a bad way. Start looking at the right choices in a positive way. Never ask yourself if you want to workout, walk around the block, do a yoga workout. Always think about the results you will get from consistently making the right choices. Tell yourself, “I am going to feel so amazing when I get done working out. I will be incredibly proud of myself after I do this, especially since it was not the easiest choice. It is going to be a great feeling when my pants start getting lose on me. My body is going to feel so thankful when it gets a good stretch. I am going to love having the extra oxygen circulating through my body making me sharper and more focused.”

Think ahead. Think of the results and imagine how you are going to feel when you have accomplished them. Select thoughts of success and you will achieve it.

To learn more, see the archives of blogs in the 3 Easy Steps to Permanent Weight Loss series and look for Believe and Receive's free 3 Easy Steps to Permanent Weight Loss eBook to be offered soon.

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Be More Awesome

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Girl Thinking Be More Awesome

For those of you joining me on this weight loss journey, the question is, what's next? You decide. I am going to list a number of things that you can do to win the war on the muffin top. Most of them you know you should do. Just pick 3 a week. Some will be easy, some a little harder. I will put minimum times on some of them, like I did when I asked you to take deep, calming breathes while visualizing your skinny, bad self for only three minutes each morning. I think you will find some of these routines or exercises feel good and you will want to do them longer. Please do! Just do not feel like you must, and then consider yourself a rock star when you do extend the length of time voluntarily. Consistency is the key to building these good habits and bringing yourself into a healthy way of living.

Move. Any way you want to, just move. It is important to use your body to keep it working in good order. The good news is, you can do it your way. Is there some activity that you used to love to do? Tennis, golf, swimming, dancing? If there is, get involved with something you connect with. There are so many ways to move! You don't even need money for most of them. Start with 5 to 10 minutes a day. Remember the key is to start and stay consistent.

A few ideas:

Take a 5 minute walk every day

Stretch for 5 minutes every day

Download free yoga instruction from YouTube

Borrow a workout DVD

Use the Wii for tennis, to dance, almost any activity


Now to completely eliminate the time and money excuses, how about NET exercises? No Extra Time. You just do isometric exercises like butt squeezes, mini ab crunches, etc. while you are watching TV. Even tightening your muscles in this way during commercial breaks will produce a great result after a couple of weeks. And it may even inspire you to do more! If you are at your desk at work, make sure some music is on. That way co-workers will think you are getting into the beat rather than exercising when they pass your office or desk.

Drink a glass of water before your meal, you will eat less. That's an easy one!

Glass Water 200x300 Be More AwesomeBe aware of and cut back your portions. Most restaurants will give you three to four times what you should be eating at one sitting. They do this so they can justify the pricing. After all, they can only turn the tables so many times during their lunch and dinner shifts, and they need to make the most of it. We have become conditioned to eat more than we should because of this. Take home leftovers or leave it there, but even if it is a healthy dish, eating three rations is going to prolong your results. And I know you want to shine!

Stop eating when you are no longer hungry. Do not keep eating until you are full.

Prepackage snacks. When you go to the store, decide on smart snacks. When you get home, portion them out. When you want a snack, you will then be eating a reasonable portion instead of portioning it out when you are hungry. Did I mention to eat something before you create your portioned snack bags?

Do not eat for at least 3 hours before you are going to sleep. You will not be able to burn the calories as efficiently when you are in this dormant state.

If you get a craving, call a friend. Research shows that the average craving lasts about 5 minutes. You may be able to out talk that craving with a welcome distraction.

When the craving will not stop haunting you… When we have a craving for something, we feed it with our mind before we break down and eat it. What I mean is, when that overwhelming urge strikes, the way we talk to ourselves gives us permission to eat it, then we do eat it. You will say, “those cookies looked so tasty. I would love one or two. I did only eat half my breakfast this morning. I can just taste it now, the chocolate chips, the sugary cookie, oh heaven on earth.” Well of course you are going to eat it. It is heaven on earth after all.

Break that pattern. When you think of that cookie, think of the amount of time you will have to put in on the treadmill. Remind yourself it holds no nourishment for your body. Think about how you will feel when it is a little harder to get the zipper up on your favorite jeans. Then shout to yourself at the top of your lungs (to yourself, not out loud) “I am stronger than that little cookie. Why would I want that worthless little thing in my body. I am in control of my health and my body! Oh yea!” Feel free to paraphrase.

I sincerely appreciate the time investment you have taken in reading this series. Please make the same time investment in yourself. You are so worth it. 3 easy steps a week. Consistency will make it a permanent change. Be healthier, live happier, love more. You deserve so much out of life and I really hope you take it. Look for my eBook that will detail how you can kick up your awesomeness even more! You have a radiant light inside of you… let it shine!!!

Check back soon for the free eBook on 3 Easy Steps to Permanent Weight Loss. I will go into these techniques and many more that will help you reach your goals and feel your best!

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Write it Down!

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Three Easy Steps Write it Down!

In Monday's blog I laid out 3 easy steps to permanent weight loss. To recap, first you must be clear on why you want to drop the pounds. Ultimately, the reason we want anything, a new boat, a bigger house, a haircut, is because we think it will make us feel better, happier.


I want a summer home in Vermont on Lake Champlain. Why? Because my son and his wonderful wife live there. I will love knowing that he is close and that I can have dinner with them a couple times a week. But the real reason why I want this (my why) is the feeling I will have when I am in a position to do this. It makes me so happy to even think about it. I can feel now the joy I will feel when I do get that opportunity.


In the case of getting skinny, you want to get clear on how you will feel when you accomplish your goals. “I will feel like I have control of my eating habits, I will feel stronger and healthier, I will be lighter and able to get around easier, I will feel great when I easily fit into cute clothes.”


Secondly, we are going to breathe deeply and repeat to ourselves, “I love”, as we inhale, and “being thin” as we exhale. This does several things. Breathing deep sets the tone for a good day as we fill our lungs and brain with oxygen while clearing our minds and preparing for the day ahead. Repeating the words while visualizing the outcome help build your belief system. You must know that you can reach your goals and believe that you will before you will be able to.


The third step was drinking water. Very important.


Now, if you do these things, it will assist in permanent weight loss, but probably not at the speed you want. The idea here is to break it down in easy steps, repeat them consistently so these easy steps become habits. It is building good habits that will bring you success. The more you do, the greater your results, but you should never take on so much that you feel overwhelmed and revert to your wicked old ways.


So, what's next?

notepad Write it Down!

WRITE IT DOWN! This will be one of the most eye opening exercises you can do. No matter what you drink or eat, write it down. If you take one little Hershey's Kiss from the bowl at the bank, write it down. If you have one tiny bag of chips (even if there were only 3 chips in that stinking bag when you opened it), write it down. No exceptions, write it down! You will be amazed at how all the little things add up. And becoming aware of how much you eat is the first step to making better decisions moving forward.


WRITE IT DOWN! Make a chart and fill in the things you have committed to do on the left side of the paper. Along the top, write the days of the week. When you drink all the water, put a smile face or a heart in the box. When you visualize your hot new body, write down how many minutes you did. If you decide to take a 10 minute walk every night, fill it in. Make sure you look at that chart with pride as you fill in the square and acknowledge how great you are doing. Look at the wonderful new routines you are adding that will make you healthier and happier. You are awesome! Write it down and remind yourself often!


WRITE IT DOWN! Write a diary from the future. Who will you be in 3 months, after you have made these new procedures part of your lifestyle? For me, I am a woman that wakes up with a smile on my face. I can't wait to pick out what clothes I will wear because they all look great on me. I love the energy I have and I love being at my best. I carry myself with a sense of pride, knowing that my choices are yielding amazing results and I love my life. My entry would read: Dear Diary, I have so much to be thankful for. I am looking forward to getting in a great stretch with this mornings yoga sequences. I think that black pantsuit would be perfect for this afternoon's meeting and it will be fun getting on the tennis court this evening. I think salmon would be a perfect dinner following a perfect day. Yes, I am truly blessed.


Whatever you want your story to be, write it and then live it!!!


I did promise a progress report. After all the Thanksgiving goodies, I gained a few pounds back. I did not beat myself up, I just added three new things to my list and I lost the three I gained and 2 more. I am weighing in at 124 right now. I am working out at least three times a week. Only 20 minutes, but enough to make it a habit. I plan to increase that time next week by 10 more minutes. 3 easy steps each week will lead to permanent weight loss


In next Monday's blog, I will give you a list of things that you can add to your list. Pick three new things a week and put it on your chart. First, to remind you of what you are going to do to get in the shape you want to get in, and more importantly to celebrate yourself and your choices after you have checked them off! And keep an eye out of my longer eBook that will go into more detail and give you useful suggestions that will help you think thoughts that will produce success. It is coming soon and will be available as a free download.

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Three Easy Steps to Getting Permanently Thin

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As we said in an earlier blog, we all “know” what we should do to lose weight. We think it is hard. Well if you want to think it is hard, it will be. The same holds true of anything we do. It is as easy or hard as we think it is.

frustrated diet woman1 150x150 Three Easy Steps to Getting Permanently Thin

You should think about your decision to take action and take control of your health as fun and easy. You will get better results more quickly this way. So how can we simply project skinny you to make it something you will enjoy?


There is so much information out there on how we can lose weight. Should we start exercising? If so how often and what exercises? What is the best diet? Atkins, South Beach, the Blood Type diet, the cookie diet? Should we take supplements? Green coffee and raspberry keytone is backed by Dr. Oz, or so the internet claims!


If we try to take on too much at once, most people get too overwhelmed and abandon their goals as being too much. If you are unhappy with your waist, how toned you are or your endurance, chances are it took a while to get where you are. Long periods of inactivity, poor food choices and overeating take a cumulative effect of the course of years. You do not get out of shape over night and you will not get back in shape overnight either. That's alright. Just make sure you accept that and look at the end game, a permanent result.


The most important thing, (once you learn to ask yourself whether you want the results of taking action rather than thinking about if you want to take action when you chose to do something or not) is consistency. Make a commitment and honor yourself by following through. It is better to do two or three things consistently than to do ten things every so often.


So we are going to just do three things to make a change. How easy is that? And these new habits will take less than 5 minutes a day.

First Step of a Thousand Mile Journey 150x150 Three Easy Steps to Getting Permanently Thin

Step One: Write down your reasons for wanting to lose weight, then write down your why.

My Reasons -

I want to fit into my old jeans

I will feel better when I am not carrying the extra 20 pounds

I want to be skinny because my ex boyfriend will be at the wedding with his new girlfriend and I am going to look hot!

My Why -

When I imagine pulling up the zipper on those jeans, I will feel so victorious. I will know I can do anything. My confidence will soar and I will feel amazing!


Make your why as detailed as possible. Have fun imagining your success. Write down exactly how you feel in your hour of triumph.

BreatheStone 150x150 Three Easy Steps to Getting Permanently Thin

Step Two:


Set a timer for three minutes. You can increase the amount of time later if you wish, but for the first week, I only want you to do 3 minutes each day at the beginning of the day. If you have a crowded house, pretend to be using the bathroom and lock the door. You will want to sit comfortably and concentrate on your breathe as you draw it deep into your lungs. Hold it there for a moment or two and then slowly and gently exhale. When you pull your next breathe, softly think the words, “I love”. When you release your breathe, softly think the words, “being thin”. Visualize something that signifies that you have reached the goal; the dial on the scale, a swanky red dress, a flat stomach. Whatever the image is for you, hold it with a slight smile as you breathe in and out, letting the thoughts, “I love being thin” dominate your attention.


Breathing deeply helps you relax and attain in inner calm. When we are calm, we feel like we are more in control of our lives. The more in control we feel we are, the more in control we actually are and your success with be gained easier and faster.


By visualizing your the results of your efforts, you can see it happening. We must first believe the we can get where we want to go before we can get there. Again, the more you know you can do it, the easier and faster it will come to you.

glass of water1 150x150 Three Easy Steps to Getting Permanently Thin

Step Three:

Water, H2O, agua, moisture. Call it by any name, as long as you drink it. Water helps flush out any toxins in your system and helps you maintain the feeling of being full. Research has shown that many times when we think we are hungry, we are actually in need of hydration. Drink a glass of water and you are satiated with no additional calories.


To make sure you get your share, fill a pitcher with 64 oz. of water at the beginning of each day. Drink one full glass of water a half hour or so before each meal. Drink the rest throughout the day. The earlier in the day the better. This way you are not chugging before bed and up all night using the bathroom. If you are not used to drinking water and find it a little flavorless than you prefer, add some lemon, lime, strawberries or cucumbers for a fresh taste that won't add to your waist.


So just take it slow for now. Three easy steps. Write down your why and how you will feel when you succeed. Read this every morning. Visualize your results and imagine how you feel when victory is yours while breathing deep, calming breathes. Just 3 minutes a day. And drink 64 oz. of water every day. Do your best to drink all of it every day if you can.


How easy is this? Next time I will check in with my results. I have had a couple days where I ate more than I should, but so far, this method is working incredibly well. Stay tuned for my progress report and how you can be more awesome next time. And keep an eye out of my longer eBook that will go into more detail and give you useful exercises that will help you think thoughts that will produce success. It is coming soon and will be available as a free download.

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Find Your Why and Live It

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knowing woman 300x150 Find Your Why and Live It


In my last blog we spoke about the difference between knowing what you need to do to lose weight and actually doing it. We all know what to do, but we do not always incorporate those things into our way of life. We use excuses, even though we are now aware that excuses are invalid claims that come as a result of thinking negatively towards an undertaking. Your internal dialog is telling you why it is okay for you not to make the choice that is better for you in the long run.


So when we know the difference between success and failure is how we look at an impending task, it is foolish not to look at the challenge before us in a positive way. Since we are on the topic of weight loss, try this tip from Believe and Receive's last blog. One a scale from 1 to 10 with 10 being the highest, how will you feel tonight when you know that you did get up and do that workout? Look back as if you already did it and feel the pride of going the extra 5 minutes on the eliptical. Feel confident that you are getting results because you are doing it. Yes you are a person that does what it takes to get the most out of life. One a scale of 1 to 10, how does it feel to be true to yourself and be a winner? For me it is always around a 9 or 10. Now how will you feel tonight if you don't do it. Replay the lame excuses in your mind that you are using, even though you know that your choice not to do it came from your choice to talk yourself out of awesomeness rather talking yourself into it!!! What would your number be? Maybe a 3 or 4? That technique should help you make the choice.


But the key to going from knowing to doing is changing the way you talk to yourself about your goal. And the best why to change your thoughts is to get clear on your why.


Your why is what you get when you ask yourself why you want to lose weight or get into shape. What result are you looking for?


Now I have several reasons why I want to get in shape. Although the number on the scale is not out of control, I still get that hoochie mama roll around the rim at the waist of my jeans. Not loving that! I also feel like I look better in clothes and have more option when selecting what I want to wear. I want to be in better shape so I can do more. In particular, I want to walk to Nepali coast and hike in Kauai. Those are just some of my reasons, but my WHY is that I will feel good when I have more options when selecting my wardrobe, I will feel fantastic when I zip those skinny pants and there is no jelly roll rising from the top of my pants. I am going to feel alive and as if I am living a dream come true as I easily walk first to the waterfall then to the beach, through the lush tropical landscape in Hawaii. I want to FEEL. We all want things, whether it is a tinier waist or a car, because of how it will make us FEEL.

Woman happy success arms air 276x300 Find Your Why and Live It

You must feel your why. Put yourself in the future and feel your success! You must imagine that you have reached your goal by becoming a person who does the things you need to do in order to achieve success. How does it feel to be this person, the best version of yourself. It feels great to be you! You are awesome! You make great choices and get great results! You are fantastic!


In this mindset, it is easy to make the right choices. It will eventually feel natural to make the right choices.


Of course, like anything new, it may take a little time. When your thoughts turn to why not, just observe and acknowledge it. Tell yourself, “Wow, if I keep thinking along these lines I am going to talk myself out of taking the right steps to get closer to my goal. I can elect to keep thinking things that will move me away from what I want or I can decide to think in a way that will bring me success.” Every thought will bring you closer or further from your goals. Just ask yourself logically if your current thoughts are serving you. If they are not, change your thinking. Don't ask yourself how you feel about doing a task, as yourself how you will feel when you get the results that come from having completed the task.

How To Think 300x257 Find Your Why and Live It

Let's break it down. The past is behind us and we are going to have no regrets. Regrets are negative and move us away from our goals. If we need the thoughts to keep us from making mistakes in the future, they will surface. Until then, no looking back. We are starting fresh and going to easily lose that weight.


We know what to do, but we need to make those things part of our every day lives. All of our choices are made with “what feels best to us” as the guiding factor. So if you do not love the step you are required to take, think and feel the result, then go get it. Whether it is pride in doing the work out, calm when looking at an organized drawer or thrilled at the new things you learned when you took the class, go get that feeling.


Pretty easy so far, yes? Next blog we will go into the power of three easy steps to permanent weight loss.

Knowing vs. Doing

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Today we are starting our journey into easy weight loss. By looking at how we use our thought process to avoid doing the things we need to do to achieve our goals, we see how counter productive this thinking is and how easy it is to make a permanent change.

While we are morphing the way we look at our habits I will give simple ideas and suggestions for making the shift. Most of us know what we have to do to lose weight. In the most basic terms, eat less, exercise more. On broader terms, we know we should drink more water, eat better foods, avoid fats and fried foods and on and on. We know it is good for our health, both physical and mental, as well as our weight to exercise and be active. We know that the right foods will nourish our bodies and keep our bodies working better. We know, we know, we know…

photo lady eating chocolate 229x300 Knowing vs. Doing

I said this would be easy, and I still hold to that. The kicker is you have to go from knowing to doing. You have to do the things that you should to get the results you want. Trust me, for the last 10 years I have been wishing it off, willing my metabolism to rev up like it used to do and convincing myself that soon things would go back to the way they were when I was 20 something and could eat bags of chocolate until midnight and not gain an ounce. Knowing is not enough, we have to do the right things.

If we are going to get from knowing to doing, it helps to take a look at the road block that keeps us from crossing over to the right side of the street. Why don't we do the things we should?

First let's look at excuses and identify them for what they are.
I don't have time.
I need a workout DVD or gym pass.
I'm too tired.
I don't feel like it.
What is the use, it takes so long?
I am too old to make a change now.
I'll start tomorrow.

I admit to have used all of these at one time or another. What are some of your excuses?

man on couch 300x199 Knowing vs. Doing

The real problem is not any of these excuses, but how you are looking at your choices.

When the alarm goes off, you can choose to sleep and extra hour or get up and workout. Many mornings in the past I would use the excuse that I was too tired, or sleep was as good for you as working out. I would reasons not to get up and do what I had promised myself I would do. So it comes down to what will you choose? The answer to that is determined by your internal dialog, how you talk to yourself.

If you wake up in the morning and say to yourself, “The alarm is already ringing? Jeez, I just got to sleep. I feel so good here in bed. It's so warm. Why was I getting up? That's right. Something about a half hour walk. Maybe if I rest another 10 minutes, I can just do a 20 minute walk. Or maybe just tomorrow”.


Okay, have you been there too? Hahaha Well imagine what a difference it would make if your internal dialog went something like this, “The alarm! It's morning. I wonder what amazing things are going to come my way today. Ohhhhhhh. Let me give it a big stretch and hop right out of bed. It's going to feel so good to get that air deep in my lungs. What a great way to start the day. I always feel so invigorated after I do something for myself first thing in the morning. I love how strong my body is and how well it serves me”.

Change the way you think and you will change your results!

It may not come naturally at first. That is normal. But every time you start thinking of your excuses, shine a light on them, excuses are just thinking about something in a counter productive way. If you think, I don't have time this evening, realize that you should be thinking, could I have dinner a little later or take a walk after dinner? If you think, my arm is a little sore, change that to it's a great day to work out my legs. Seriously, if you want to work out in the morning and you use the same self talk I used to, write a little card for yourself with an enthusiastic pep talk. When you wake up and begin thinking why not, read your why card!

Speaking of why's, that is the next most important thing when it comes to losing weight or succeeding with any goal in life. Your why. You need to have a big why and you need to feel your why. More about that in our next blog.

For now, whenever you find yourself making an excuse for anything, be aware that you are just saying why you don't want to do it. Invariably when we tell ourselves why we don't want to do something we don't do it. So why not tell yourself why you do want to do it? How are you going to feel after you have done it?

glad i worked out Knowing vs. Doing

Two easy tips:
Tip One
Ask yourself, on a scale of one to ten, how will I feel if I do not do this.
Then ask yourself, on a scale of one to ten, how you will feel if you do not do this.

Tip Two
How will you feel in the future if you continue to make better choices? I lost weight, my jeans fit so good, I feel fantastic, I have so much energy, life it great, people think I look good in my awesome clothes because I do, oh yea! Feel how great it is going to feel. You will be dancing out of bed, eager to realize your goal and loving every minute of getting there!

Weight Loss – Forgive Yourself and Start Fresh

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full belly 150x150 Weight Loss – Forgive Yourself and Start Fresh

What better time to start setting your focus on your weight and health goals than just after the Thanksgiving feast and just before the holiday gorging begins? I am doing a series on weight loss and I will be taking the journey with you.


You see, I have always been a petite 5'5” woman who never weighed over 112 pounds. Until forty. Then I ran into some new challenges that I had never encountered, as my weight started creeping higher and higher on the dreaded scale. Gone were the days of devouring chocolate, chocolate chip Hagen Daz ice cream with M&M's, chocolate syrup and whip cream three nights a week.


Yes, I am coming clean and baring my soul to you. I will even tell you that at one time, the number that looked back at me from the device that was mocking me as I stood on it, was 140. To some of you that may not seem like much and to others you will ask how it got that far. One hundred and forty pounds on my small frame shows, big time. I know the agony of not wanting to go out because you don't think you look good in anything that's in your closet. I know how it feels to not want to buy clothes because of the size on the tag. I know the frustration of wanting to eat something so delicious like a big slice of chocolate cake but struggling to find the will power say no. (Can you tell I kinda like chocolate?)

scale 150x150 Weight Loss – Forgive Yourself and Start Fresh

The fact is, we make it harder than it has to be. I know that, but I was letting my emotions and the way I think control me, rather than me controlling my emotions and my life.


I have started taking control of my weight and my health choices.


I will be telling you what I am doing as I am doing it and what you need to do to get the results I am getting and will continue to get. I created a simple outline and started implementing the effortless steps a week and a half ago. I have not reached my goal yet but I have lost 5 pounds in that week and a half. I started at 131 and I am now at 126.


I know I will achieve my goals. I know this with all certainty. Success starts in knowing you will succeed. Now I am putting it out there for all the world to see. I am putting myself, my pride… I am putting it all on the line and I will not fail. It is very important to me to take back my health and weight for many of the same reasons we all know we should. But more importantly, I cannot let you down. You need to know it can be done. You need to see it has been done by someone facing what you are facing too. You need easy steps to doing it that feel good and make you happy. And we will do it together.

Thinking Thin 150x150 Weight Loss – Forgive Yourself and Start Fresh

The most crucial key to success in managing all aspects of your health is how you think about it. Change your thinking and you will change your results. We will get into that and other simple ways to permanently take control of your lifestyle throughout the series. Before I begin my next blog, I want to take a moment to talk about forgiveness.


When I think of Thanksgiving, my thoughts invariably turn to forgiving. When we appreciate the people in our lives and the roles they have had in shaping us, forgiving past transgressions seems fitting and natural. Now it is time to do something that can be more difficult. Forgive yourself.


If you have been leading a lifestyle of over eating, not eating foods that nourish you, inactivity that seems to have resulted in atrophy or other physical issues, that is all in the past, if you let it be. That is behind you, if you let it be. The only way those poor choices can come back to cause you regret is if you let it, either by regretting it or thinking about it.


Nobody has ever shed a single pound by worrying about their weight or regretting the second slice of dessert the night before. Regret causes a cycle of helplessness that actually causes us to eat more and make more of the choices that led to our feeling so bad to begin with. And nobody has ever shed a pound by telling themselves they are fat, or this is what they deserve for being such a pig.


Get rid of the negative everything. Out with the negative self speak, out with the negative phrasing of goals, out with the negative self image! We are going to start looking at who we are going to be. We are going to make the choices that will transform us into the person we can and should be. We are going to take simple, easy steps that will lead to a fulfilling lifestyle where we will be living at our fullest potential. We are going to have more love to give and be more open to receive more love in return. We are going to do this together.


In the next blog we will talk about the difference between knowing what to do and actually doing what we have to do to get the results we are looking for. I hope you had an amazing Thanksgiving for those who celebrate it. For now, let's just forgive ourselves for our poor choices and realize that it really is no big deal. The big deal is in making a commitment now to making better choices for your future.


This is going to be so much easier than you think!

your body is not an enemy quote1 150x150 Weight Loss – Forgive Yourself and Start Fresh