Just Do It

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Dream. Plan. ACTION!


If you spend too much time thinking about a thing you will never get it done. ~Bruce Lee

I am dedicating this blog, my second blog, to Alan Kerskey. He was a dear friend of mine and a very good person. For one of my birthdays, he and his wife Doe, got me a beautiful gold necklace that read “Just Do It”, like the famous Nike slogan.

A little puzzled at what the “it” that I was being asked to do was, I queried, “Just do what”? Then he paid he a very high compliment. “It's not a suggestion”, he replied, “it's who you are.”


He was referring to the fact that I had recently written and self published an Elvis Presley trivia book that he did the cover artwork for. I was also the lead singer and keyboard player for a very popular band as my night job and when I decided I wanted to host a television show, within 3 months, I had a camera, a time slot on FOX channel 29 in West Palm Beach, Florida and I was on air. Additional, I co-hosted a radio show that featured local musicians once a week.


He was also aware that I knew nothing about publishing a book before I did it and I even less about filming and editing a TV show before I started my four and a half year run on the major network.


So how did I accomplish all of these pretty big goals? The biggest key is action. Just do it.


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Most of us know how to dream big. Imagination and daydreaming are something we should delight in. I believe that you should dream big dreams on a regular basis. And when you realize those dreams, dream another different and wonderful dream.

Many of us are good at planning. We make our lists, take classes and try to get everything just right before we get started with breathing life into our dreams. We say we will get started once we do this, finish that or learn something to make our job easier or our work look better. But this is where we are wrong, wrong, wrong!

Yes, planning is good and I do believe it is necessary. By all means, plan away, take the class, be prepared for opportunity, get poised for success. These are all things we should be doing. But do not let your planning, your education and your preparation keep you from getting started.

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I had a schedule of all the things I am going to learn and do. I wanted the website to have several additional changes, I wanted to make sure I knew how to use the many applications I am starting to use, I wanted to make sure I knew all about social media, mailing lists and how to best serve the people I was writing for. But then I found that inspirational “Just Do It” necklace in my jewelry box and almost heard the words of a man I cherish whispering in my ear, “It's who you are”.

I remembered that I used to learn what I was doing as I was doing it. I would jump in with both feet, laughing and loving whatever I encountered as I threw my heart and soul into the project at hand. I remember that I had less time, less money, less everything then, but I never let any of that be an excuse. I had learned to ask myself and everyone around me how I could get it done and never entertain the thought that it could not get done. I had learned, and then I forgot.

I still have that schedule of things to learn, the list of things that need to be done and my plan of action, but I have remembered the joy of passionately embracing a project and seeing it materialize before your eyes. And I remembered that the success is in the doing, the bliss is in the journey. I cannot think of anyone who enjoys planning a vacation more than actually going on the vacation!

So unpolished as my words may be before I have taken the copy writing classes, and though my site may be currently less than perfect if I don't have my blog theme or font just right, I am going to “Just do it”.