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In my last blog, I shared with you my conviction that we should all build each other up and encourage each other to our greatest potential. I am thrilled with the first guest to our monthly segment, A SPOTLIGHT ON AWESOMENESS. Last week I had the privilege of getting to know Mari Mitchell Porter over an outstanding lunch at a quaint little tearoom in Parkland, Florida.

I first heard of Mari Mitchell Porter by way of Facebook. We have a few friends in common and I loved the posts she splashed her Law of Attraction – Create Your Best Life page with. Her posts were uplifting and similar to what I had started with my own Believe And Receive page on Facebook, so I gave her page the FB thumbs up. Soon I started getting invites to her events and learned about a book she wrote. When I got wind that she would be developing her own radio as well, she hit my radar as a woman of interest.

Born in Cuba, Mari's family brought her to New York when she was one year old. Her mother did not speak the new language and her father's valiant efforts yielded broken English at best. This put Mari in the situation of communicating for the family and dealing with adult situations. Although not her favorite thing to do as a child, she met her responsibilities incredibly well and developed an amazing sense for working with people.

Mari dreamed of being a teacher and helping children learn. When she graduated, she was told teaching jobs were in short supply and she should turn to office work. She did the logical thing and created a successful career.

But destiny will always whisper in your ear and she was smart enough to heed it's call. Her heart guided her to a Law of Attraction class in Aventura Florida, that she soon found herself in charge of. Coming up with a subject that would give the members of the group great and valuable information, and discussing the ideas and concepts afterward felt right to her. She knew this was her calling, her dharma.

With her purpose being so clearly revealed, Mari went on to educate herself, to learn to better serve the people she was working with. She studied hard and spent countless hours devouring the material on becoming a life coach and became a certified personal coach.

Mari currently has three groups she meets with each week in addition to her clients. She is beginning a relationship group where she provides a lesson and encourages the group to open up and share their current issues and discuss resolutions. Thursdays are her law of attraction group, which offers the same platform of exchange. And Tuesdays she provides a writers workshop where attendees can bring their work and be reviewed by the group with ideas and suggestions.

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Did I mention writing? Over the last couple of years, Mari has written and published a book titled, “Diary of a Hopeless Romantic”. In this adorable novel, the heroine in the story is an average 30ish young lady with less than average choices in boyfriend material. As she tries to work her way out of a bad relationship and discover how to have a good one, she falls upon something much more valuable, her own identity. Once she figures out who she is, she knows what she wants and how to get it (most of the time). As the tale takes you on it's journey, valuable lessons are revealed to you as well.

You can find this informative, easy read on her website: as well as


You know, when someone shines as bright as Mari, others are bound to be attracted by the glare. And they were. Mari was approached at the end of last year about hosting her own radio show on an internet station whose mission is to deliver a positive message and empower people with knowledge that will lead them to a better life. A great opportunity for both parties, Mari has launched her show with “Dare to be Authentic” airing on Tuesdays at 1:30 pm and 7:30 pm ET.


Mari also has some live appearances lined up for February. You can find out more about Mari by going to her website, or check out one or both of her groups, Law of Attraction – Create Your Best Life or the Good News is on Facebook. Mari is out and about and has much to offer, so you may want to make a point of connecting with this amazing woman in action.

Now you know why Mari Mitchell Porter has earned her place in our SPOTLIGHT ON AWESOMENESS!!!