Look Ahead… But Live In The Now

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The end of the year signals a time to look back and reflect. Once you have spent a little time in the past, gleaning valuable insight from your choices, both good and bad, it is time to put the past behind you. Don't worry, memories of things gone by will always be there, easily accessible if you need them as learning tools or for that warm fuzzy feeling that recalling great experiences can bring you.

Likewise, the new year signals a time to look ahead. It is a time for new beginnings, hope and regrowth. Think of the new year as the chance to plan a vacation or a special trip. When we plan a get away, we think about the many places we may want to go and things we would like to do that would make us happy. Would we enjoy a road trip, stopping in a different city every two days to thoroughly explore it's beauty? Would we like an exotic escapade where we fly to a far off place and see things we have never seen? Maybe a learning adventure would suit us, where we do a cooking class in Italy? Isn't it fun thinking of the possibilities?


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Once we come up with options that please us, the next step is to make a choice. Narrow it down to which destination makes us the happiest and feels right. Have great fun imagining that you are currently experiencing the pleasure of each escapade. The choice may be obvious or you may have to rate and weight. Which one gives you the most pleasure now and which one would be more beneficial in the long run. Then decide on which glorious path to take.

Now, it's time to have even more fun. To make this incredible journey a reality, you must do a little planning. What do you need to do before you go? You will need to decide how soon you can go, how you are getting there and get your tickets or plan your route. You will need someplace to stay when you get there. You get the pleasure of researching the many fantastic opportunities and things to see while you are there.

Even writing this blog, I am dreaming up all kinds of outstanding plans for my next vacation. It can be pretty exciting to plan your future. And while you are looking ahead and trying to arrange things that are pleasing to you, think of all areas of your life this way too.


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First we must decide which direction we want to go in. What do we wish to accomplish in the next 3 months, 1 year and 5 years? What options do we have and which ones feel the best. Know that just because you have never done something, does not mean that you cannot. Your brain is wired to work one way, but with time and practice, you can rewire it and develop the neuro pathways to acquire new skills. You are capable of so much more than you know. There is a field of infinite possibilities that you can tap into where all things are possible.

A short hundred years ago, who thought we could have groups of people flying through the air, or send a letter to Russia that would arrive in minutes on an electronic box? Think it, plan it, do it; the formula that works. So get creative and have fun with what direction you want to go in.

A great way to figure this out is to ask yourself how you would be spending your time, what you would want to accomplish if you won $50,000,000 after taxes were taken out in the lottery. Go ahead, pause here and indulge in the fantasy. The blog will be here after you snap out of your daydream.

Whatever you imagined your dream life to be, that is the goal you should be working towards. Now, if you were to live this perfect life, the life of your dreams, how would you get there? Never, ever, ever, ever, think about what obstacles are in your way. There are only solutions, some more obvious than others. What do you need to do to get where you are going? Create a plan of action.

When I decided to start my television show, I knew nothing in that field. I had to research cameras, learn about lighting, learn to video edit because I had such a small budget. I sold the ads that funded the show, handled the billing, collections, office work, scripting the commercials, editing them, doing the graphics work and voice overs. My boyfriend filmed the shots I asked him to with the one big investment I made in the company, my 3 chip, digital Sony video camera with a 1:1 firewire ratio output. It was state of the art at that time and my pride and joy. I ran into many challenges, garnered a wealth of knowledge and I did it. I was on WFLX Fox channel 29 for four and a half years. And I did it because I always looked at what most considered a road block as a chance to slow down and increase my abilities, by learning how to navigate this path rather than turning around because it got hard. Excuses are easy to find, but they are empty. An excuse has no life unless you breath life into it by using it to justify not making the choice you know you should have and needed to in order to get where you set out to go. If there is a bridge out on your road trip, you don't just go home. You take a detour and keep your eyes open for hidden treasures you may encounter along the new path.


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Now that you have your destination and your plan of action, it's time to live the dream! You live the dream by fully appreciating all the wonderful steps on your path. Plan for the future, but feel gratitude for each moment. It is great fun thinking of where you want to go, especially when you are content in the knowledge that you really can do, have or be anything you want. Enjoy the time you devote to clarifying your desires. Embrace the time you take to design your future. The possibilities are endless and opportunities immense. Most of all, look forward to each and every step you take on this journey you are manifesting. Don't stay so focused on where you are going that you are not soaking in where you are. When you hit a detour, look for something special to see, do or learn and the intrusion becomes a blessing. Living the life of your dreams is not about a series of extraordinary moments, it is about making every moment extraordinary.

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