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Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.



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In my last blog, I shared with you my conviction that we should all build each other up and encourage each other to our greatest potential. I am thrilled with the first guest to our monthly segment, A SPOTLIGHT ON AWESOMENESS. Last week I had the privilege of getting to know Mari Mitchell Porter over an outstanding lunch at a quaint little tearoom in Parkland, Florida.

I first heard of Mari Mitchell Porter by way of Facebook. We have a few friends in common and I loved the posts she splashed her Law of Attraction – Create Your Best Life page with. Her posts were uplifting and similar to what I had started with my own Believe And Receive page on Facebook, so I gave her page the FB thumbs up. Soon I started getting invites to her events and learned about a book she wrote. When I got wind that she would be developing her own radio as well, she hit my radar as a woman of interest.

Born in Cuba, Mari's family brought her to New York when she was one year old. Her mother did not speak the new language and her father's valiant efforts yielded broken English at best. This put Mari in the situation of communicating for the family and dealing with adult situations. Although not her favorite thing to do as a child, she met her responsibilities incredibly well and developed an amazing sense for working with people.

Mari dreamed of being a teacher and helping children learn. When she graduated, she was told teaching jobs were in short supply and she should turn to office work. She did the logical thing and created a successful career.

But destiny will always whisper in your ear and she was smart enough to heed it's call. Her heart guided her to a Law of Attraction class in Aventura Florida, that she soon found herself in charge of. Coming up with a subject that would give the members of the group great and valuable information, and discussing the ideas and concepts afterward felt right to her. She knew this was her calling, her dharma.

With her purpose being so clearly revealed, Mari went on to educate herself, to learn to better serve the people she was working with. She studied hard and spent countless hours devouring the material on becoming a life coach and became a certified personal coach.

Mari currently has three groups she meets with each week in addition to her clients. She is beginning a relationship group where she provides a lesson and encourages the group to open up and share their current issues and discuss resolutions. Thursdays are her law of attraction group, which offers the same platform of exchange. And Tuesdays she provides a writers workshop where attendees can bring their work and be reviewed by the group with ideas and suggestions.

diary front cover only 228x300 SPOTLIGHT ON AWESOMENESS!!!


Did I mention writing? Over the last couple of years, Mari has written and published a book titled, “Diary of a Hopeless Romantic”. In this adorable novel, the heroine in the story is an average 30ish young lady with less than average choices in boyfriend material. As she tries to work her way out of a bad relationship and discover how to have a good one, she falls upon something much more valuable, her own identity. Once she figures out who she is, she knows what she wants and how to get it (most of the time). As the tale takes you on it's journey, valuable lessons are revealed to you as well.

You can find this informative, easy read on her website: as well as


You know, when someone shines as bright as Mari, others are bound to be attracted by the glare. And they were. Mari was approached at the end of last year about hosting her own radio show on an internet station whose mission is to deliver a positive message and empower people with knowledge that will lead them to a better life. A great opportunity for both parties, Mari has launched her show with “Dare to be Authentic” airing on Tuesdays at 1:30 pm and 7:30 pm ET.


Mari also has some live appearances lined up for February. You can find out more about Mari by going to her website, or check out one or both of her groups, Law of Attraction – Create Your Best Life or the Good News is on Facebook. Mari is out and about and has much to offer, so you may want to make a point of connecting with this amazing woman in action.

Now you know why Mari Mitchell Porter has earned her place in our SPOTLIGHT ON AWESOMENESS!!!

Encouraging Others to Their Highest Potential

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“It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed.”

Napoleon Hill

Cheerleader1 300x200 Encouraging Others to Their Highest Potential



Why then do so many people try to climb to the top on the backs of others? It is because too many think there is a limited supply of what they want and if someone else takes a slice of the pie, there will be less left over for them.


This is a response that has been conditioned into us, but it is not true. Our universe is vast and expansive. Just as our needs change and grow, the universe changes and grows to accommodate us. It is one of the magical, mysterious miracles of life. We should be cheering each other on and helping each other out. Our hearts should soar with joy at the success of another!



Namaste 300x148 Encouraging Others to Their Highest Potential

Our soul, our essence is made up of a vibrational energy that has been placed in a body that allows us to navigate the physical world we live in. Our memories, our thoughts, our actions and reactions come from the intangible part of ourselves that we commonly refer to as our spirit or soul. When the body is gone, our energy remains. I could talk about our energy all day, as it is a subject that fascinates me and that I invest a great deal of time studying.


But the point of focus today is that we are all made up of this same energy, just like every drop of water in the ocean is made of the same salt water. And the combination of all of us makes up the collective whole, or as scientists are calling it, the unified field, just as all the drops of water in the ocean comprise the ocean.


Too many people work against each other, competing for money, attention, jobs. We really are in this life together. We can get so much more done by working as a team. A candle never burns less brightly by lighting another candle. Instead it makes the room brighter.


Maybe that is why I find the word Namaste to be the perfect greeting. Loosely translated it means: I honor the place in you in which the entire universe dwells. I honor the place of love, truth, light and of peace. When you are in that place in you and I am in that place in me, we are one.




Have a Slice of Pie 300x199 Encouraging Others to Their Highest Potential

I know why people compete. We have been programmed this way. The early bird gets the worm. I want my slice of the pie. There is only so much to go around. THESE THINGS ARE SIMPLY NOT TRUE!


Just as we grow and evolve, so does the universe. As we conjure new dreams and desires, the universe tunes into those vibrations and starts lining things up for you. It begins to arrange things to go your way to make it easy for you to have those things that will make you happy. When you continue to think about the thing you want, be it a job, a new home, or a car, forces of nature continue to work so circumstances will align and allow you your wish. If you want apple pie and it's gone, the universe will bake another one!


To me, all things of the universe are of God. Not my special God or the God of my religion, but the one and only God who lovingly created and watches over all of us, bar none. Others will say a higher power or the universe is the genius behind life as we know it. But you should be able to trust that a force powerful enough to make elephants, butterflies, ants, deer, flowers and all the other magnificent wonders of the world, could easily render any want you may have.


The only person you should be competing against is the person you were yesterday.


This is one of the reasons I am planning on a monthly spotlight. I want to shine the light on other people that are doing great things. Whether it is an author, a business owner, or someone who performed a courageous act, it is important to build each other up to our highest potential, and it is my honor to do so.


My next blog, SPOTLIGHT ON AWESOMENESS, I am honored to introduce you to an amazing woman named Mari Mitchell Porter. She has quite a story and lots of lessons she can teach. She has dedicated her life to making a difference to others. She is an inspiration and I hope you will check back at the end of the week and be encouraged by this wonderful, radiant being of light!




Why Worry When You Can Be Carefree?

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Worried Girl Small for Post 298x300 Why Worry When You Can Be Carefree?

“Worrying is like paying on a debt that may never come due.” ~Will Rogers

My goal today is to lead you to a place where you will take a closer look at worrying.  By looking at it, and seeing it for what it is, you can get to a place where you can put this wretched habit behind you and never let it rob one more moment of your glorious life from you.

Bold claim, I know, but stay with me.  By shining a light on this useless emotion, you will want to ditch it.  It's will be like you have been carrying around a heavy back pack for most of your life and you finally open it to reveal that it has been filled with nothing but garbage, useless, nasty garbage all this time.  You will want to toss it and feel the sweet relief of lessening your burden.  Being worry free is liberating, exhilarating and allows you to live with a greater degree of joy, bliss even.  It is a gift and it is the way we were meant to live… worry free.

Now let's take a closer look at this thing we do to ourselves.  Unless we are in immediate danger or are in the middle of conflict, worry involves the past or the future.  It helps to be aware that our existence, whether we think it is a great life, a mediocre life, or a bad one, is that way because we “think” it is.  Simply put, your thoughts, positive or negative, will dictate whether your life is positive or negative.  This is important.  Once you grasp this concept, why would you select negative thoughts and purposely inflict a negative life upon yourself?


Reflecting Red Head Small for Post 200x300 Why Worry When You Can Be Carefree?

When we look at the past, we can either recall positive memories or memories that make us feel bad.  When I am going through my rampage of gratitude, I conjure wonderful images of things I have done, places I have seen and people I have shared these special occasions with.  It makes me smile and I get the warm fuzzies.  This is good.  Anything that makes you feel good, increases your vibration or energy level and draws you closer to your desires.  

But all too often, when we look back at things we could have done better, we do not stop with analyzing the event and putting it behind us.  We bring that situation back with full intensity to beat ourselves up.  We punish ourselves, as if that will change anything.  The fact is, we cannot change the past, but if we learn from it, even mistakes can be a positive thing.

Stop yourself when you hear that voice in your head saying anything like:
You should not have done that
People are going to think you are a jerk for doing that
What were you thinking
Your life would be so much better if only you had only (fill in the blank).

See where I am going with this?  If it makes you feel bad, DON'T DO IT!

So how can we stop with the regrets?
Assign a time to review your actions over the last week.  When mentally evaluating yourself, imagine you are assessing somebody else.  We tend to be more fair and less harsh in rating others than we do ourselves.  Decide what you could do better and move on.
Whenever you remember the past and it doesn't make you happy, push that memory aside and find a good one.
Realize that what is making you feel bad is just a thought!  That thought will still be there if you need to recall if when a similar situation arises, but you do not need it now.  It is not serving you!  Get rid of it!
Observe that you are choosing to replay this thought, therefore you are choosing to make yourself feel bad.  Then ask yourself if you would use sandpaper on your arm and keep rubbing your skin with it even though it hurt.  Would you?  Heck no!  Then realize how silly it is that you are mentally doing the very same thing.


Carefree Girl Small for Post 300x225 Why Worry When You Can Be Carefree?

Now, back to the future.  I understand why we worry.  At one time, I had a black belt in it.  We try to run through every scenario so we can determine the best way to handle it and avoid unpleasantness.  But this back fires on us because we do not know when to stop!

As humans, we have a tendency to project the worst case scenario and then get emotionally attached.  We apply our emotion of fear to an outcome, and this is where we go wrong.

What problem were you worrying about this time last year?  Can you even remember?  Did it turn out as bad as you imagined it would?  Chances are, the answer is no.  Yet we spend so much time with this wasted emotion that only pulls us into the depths of despair rather than allowing us to live the life of our dreams.  Every emotion pulls you closer to or further from where you were meant to be, in a state of blissful abundance.  That would be equivalent to planning a roadtrip to California from Texas and heading east on purpose.  Once you realize you are going the wrong way, you would turn around.  So turn your thoughts around.  Do not spend time going the wrong way!  When you are focused on the best possible outcome, you are in the mindset to produce positive results and find ways to create an opportunity rather than simply handling an unpleasant situation.

So how can we stop with the worry?
You will always have issues that require your attention.  Assign a time to thoroughly exam the best way to handle the issue and do not think about it until then.  Once you have decided the best course of action implement it.  If you must adjust the course of action, assign a time to do that as well.  If this issue comes to mind any other time, find something else to think about.
Ask yourself if worrying is going to help the situation or just make you miserable, then ask if you want to be miserable.  Now if you want to be unhappy, by all means, who am I to stop you?  But sometimes just recognizing that you are engaging in destructive behavior that yields no reward can be enough to snap you out of it.
At the assigned time, think about the best possible outcome of the dilemma at hand and work toward manifesting that result.  
Don't take on problems that are not yours.  Everyone encounters pot holes in the road once in a while.  This is something the other person needs to deal with.  Trust that they are capable of doing so and will ask for help if they need it.
Look around you and enjoy what is in front of you.  Why ruin the present by worrying about a future that may never exist?

Hopefully you it is now obvious how destructive worrying is and how it serves no useful function.  Without this heavy burden, you are free to soar to great heights and start living the life of your dreams.

Cassandra Eubank is one of the most inspirational and influential writers on how to be happy now and living the life of your dreams. She posts regular blogs with advice and information on how to best the best you possible. Her eBooks have helped countless and she explores with you, easy and effective techniques to manifest the abundance that everyone deserves. Her website, features her blogs, great information and many treasures to help enhance your existence.

Comparing Yourself to Others Can Be Destructive – Just Be Your Best

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Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”  Albert Einstein

Different Friends Small Comparing Yourself to Others Can Be Destructive   Just Be Your Best

Each of us has unique talents and abilities. Now I fully believe that all of us is capable of learning, doing or being anything we wish to, it is just that each of us has different preferences. Because of these differences, we spend more time doing the activities that we enjoy and derive pleasure from. The more time we spend working and playing with a skill, the better we become at it.

Each of us also has many similarities. One thing that seems to plague the human race is the way we use comparing to make us feel bad. Hopefully, you can become aware of how silly and useless comparing can be and learn to use it properly to keep you on track. There is one situation where looking at where self scrutiny is a good thing. But first, let's look at this strange custom we indulge in.

Comparing is by definition the act of estimating, measuring, or noting the similarity or dissimilarity between two things. Comparing is necessary when deciding what you want. This is true for cars, furniture, where to live, what we are going to eat that night and so on.

But for some insane reason we tend to also use this as a weapon against ourselves. Once we compare ourselves to another person, we don't just stop there. We don't just observe the differences. We have to take it one step further and judge. Sometimes, if we are the one who “appears better off”, this judgment gives us a false sense of superiority. But more often than not, we judge ourselves, and very harshly, when we make personal comparisons.

Seriously, think about it. When we notice a person with something considered desirable that we do not have, or see another with something better than what we have, we somehow twist our thoughts and talk ourselves into believing that what they have reflects on our own self worth.

They have a bigger house

They have a more expensive car

She has a skinnier waist line

He has a better job

They go on more vacations to better places

Any of these thoughts should serve as a warning that you need to start thinking about all the many blessings that are in your life right now. The problem with allowing our minds to stray to the what others have is that we inadvertently shift from all that “they” have, to what we do not have.

Looking at what you lack is not a good idea for many reasons. First of all, when you start thinking about how you should be further along in life, how you should have a better car, how you deserve a larger house with a pool, how does it make you feel? I know it makes me feel pretty crumby. If I were to indulge in such nonsense, it would make me a little depressed and lower my vibrational frequency. It would drain my energy and joy. So why in the world would I do this? It serves no purpose to compare yourself to other, but it sure can do you harm.

And a lack mindset will bring more lack to you. Why would you do something that takes away from what you do have? The law of attraction works whether we believe in it or not. Every action you take brings you closer or further from what you desire on life. Why would you do that to yourself?

Apples and Oranges Small Comparing Yourself to Others Can Be Destructive   Just Be Your BestWhen you compare an apple to an orange, you will note the differences in texture, taste, smell and how you remove the skin to eat it. But you do not get upset with the apple for not being more like the orange. Nor do you get mad at the orange for not being like the apple. They are both awesome! Can you see how foolish it is to attach a negative, destructive emotion to comparing? Note your strengths and weaknesses so you can capitalize on your assets.

Next time you find yourself comparing yourself to any one, any where, just be aware that it is kind of crazy to do that to yourself. You would never say to a friend, “Yeah, look at that guys car. He must be way better than you to be doing so well. You will never get the things you want you loser.” Why not be a better friend to yourself as well? Don't say those things to yourself either!

Here are 5 easy things you can do to break this damaging impulse.

Recognize that you are comparing yourself. Becoming aware and reminding yourself the devastating effects this activity can have is the first step to freeing yourself of it.

Ask yourself why you are doing this and if it is helping you in anyway.

Make a gratitude list and count your blessings daily.

Enjoy what is going on around you. Take pleasure in where you are now and get excited about what is to come.

Make a “Yeah, I'm Good List” and write down all your assets. Any time you accomplish something or do something noteworthy, note it! Write it down and refer to this list to remind yourself how much you rock!

Remember, you are awesome. You are special and you have many, many gifts. If you want a skinnier waist, make it a priority. If you want a better vacation, you could research ways to go in the off season to make it affordable. You can get to where you want to be and there is only one person you should be comparing yourself to. That is the person you were yesterday.

When you look at where you want to go, and set a course, it is a good idea to check in frequently. It's like reading the road signs on a road trip. You want to make sure you are on track. But this is YOUR life. Do the things that make you happy. Be the best person that you can be. Make the choices that will mold you into the best version of you. Make the choices that will allow you to create the life of your dreams.

Look Ahead… But Live In The Now

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end of year for blog 150x150 Look Ahead... But Live In The Now

The end of the year signals a time to look back and reflect. Once you have spent a little time in the past, gleaning valuable insight from your choices, both good and bad, it is time to put the past behind you. Don't worry, memories of things gone by will always be there, easily accessible if you need them as learning tools or for that warm fuzzy feeling that recalling great experiences can bring you.

Likewise, the new year signals a time to look ahead. It is a time for new beginnings, hope and regrowth. Think of the new year as the chance to plan a vacation or a special trip. When we plan a get away, we think about the many places we may want to go and things we would like to do that would make us happy. Would we enjoy a road trip, stopping in a different city every two days to thoroughly explore it's beauty? Would we like an exotic escapade where we fly to a far off place and see things we have never seen? Maybe a learning adventure would suit us, where we do a cooking class in Italy? Isn't it fun thinking of the possibilities?


decisions decisions 120Res smaller 150x150 Look Ahead... But Live In The Now

Once we come up with options that please us, the next step is to make a choice. Narrow it down to which destination makes us the happiest and feels right. Have great fun imagining that you are currently experiencing the pleasure of each escapade. The choice may be obvious or you may have to rate and weight. Which one gives you the most pleasure now and which one would be more beneficial in the long run. Then decide on which glorious path to take.

Now, it's time to have even more fun. To make this incredible journey a reality, you must do a little planning. What do you need to do before you go? You will need to decide how soon you can go, how you are getting there and get your tickets or plan your route. You will need someplace to stay when you get there. You get the pleasure of researching the many fantastic opportunities and things to see while you are there.

Even writing this blog, I am dreaming up all kinds of outstanding plans for my next vacation. It can be pretty exciting to plan your future. And while you are looking ahead and trying to arrange things that are pleasing to you, think of all areas of your life this way too.


direction sign for blog 150x150 Look Ahead... But Live In The Now

First we must decide which direction we want to go in. What do we wish to accomplish in the next 3 months, 1 year and 5 years? What options do we have and which ones feel the best. Know that just because you have never done something, does not mean that you cannot. Your brain is wired to work one way, but with time and practice, you can rewire it and develop the neuro pathways to acquire new skills. You are capable of so much more than you know. There is a field of infinite possibilities that you can tap into where all things are possible.

A short hundred years ago, who thought we could have groups of people flying through the air, or send a letter to Russia that would arrive in minutes on an electronic box? Think it, plan it, do it; the formula that works. So get creative and have fun with what direction you want to go in.

A great way to figure this out is to ask yourself how you would be spending your time, what you would want to accomplish if you won $50,000,000 after taxes were taken out in the lottery. Go ahead, pause here and indulge in the fantasy. The blog will be here after you snap out of your daydream.

Whatever you imagined your dream life to be, that is the goal you should be working towards. Now, if you were to live this perfect life, the life of your dreams, how would you get there? Never, ever, ever, ever, think about what obstacles are in your way. There are only solutions, some more obvious than others. What do you need to do to get where you are going? Create a plan of action.

When I decided to start my television show, I knew nothing in that field. I had to research cameras, learn about lighting, learn to video edit because I had such a small budget. I sold the ads that funded the show, handled the billing, collections, office work, scripting the commercials, editing them, doing the graphics work and voice overs. My boyfriend filmed the shots I asked him to with the one big investment I made in the company, my 3 chip, digital Sony video camera with a 1:1 firewire ratio output. It was state of the art at that time and my pride and joy. I ran into many challenges, garnered a wealth of knowledge and I did it. I was on WFLX Fox channel 29 for four and a half years. And I did it because I always looked at what most considered a road block as a chance to slow down and increase my abilities, by learning how to navigate this path rather than turning around because it got hard. Excuses are easy to find, but they are empty. An excuse has no life unless you breath life into it by using it to justify not making the choice you know you should have and needed to in order to get where you set out to go. If there is a bridge out on your road trip, you don't just go home. You take a detour and keep your eyes open for hidden treasures you may encounter along the new path.


OverwaterBungalowMoorea For Blog Look Ahead... But Live In The Now

Now that you have your destination and your plan of action, it's time to live the dream! You live the dream by fully appreciating all the wonderful steps on your path. Plan for the future, but feel gratitude for each moment. It is great fun thinking of where you want to go, especially when you are content in the knowledge that you really can do, have or be anything you want. Enjoy the time you devote to clarifying your desires. Embrace the time you take to design your future. The possibilities are endless and opportunities immense. Most of all, look forward to each and every step you take on this journey you are manifesting. Don't stay so focused on where you are going that you are not soaking in where you are. When you hit a detour, look for something special to see, do or learn and the intrusion becomes a blessing. Living the life of your dreams is not about a series of extraordinary moments, it is about making every moment extraordinary.

Believe and Receive’s Picture of the Day

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7Saturday POD2 300x225 Believe and Receives Picture of the Day


Believe and Receive’s Picture of the Day

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7Friday POD 300x141 Believe and Receives Picture of the Day


Believe and Receive’s Picture of the Day

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5Thursday POD2 300x225 Believe and Receives Picture of the Day


Looking Back – Reflect, Never Regret

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Reflecting Woman LoRes smaller Looking Back   Reflect, Never Regret




As the end of the year steals closer, it seems inevitable that we look back over the months and even our life, to take stock and make assessments. What goals did we reach? What obstacles did we overcome? Did we do enough, accomplish enough, improve enough over the last twelve months?

Looking back can be a valuable tool for us. We should reflect on our friendships, our relationships, our livelihoods and our finances. To move forward, it helps to measure the past. By asking ourselves if we were the best friend we could be, how we could have offered more and how we could have handled the difficult situations, we learn. Sometimes we say the wrong thing, forget an important occasion or handle a situation in a way that upsets a friend. That is alright, and if you have a healthy relationship, it is good even. If it is a true friendship, this person will know you didn't mean to make them cause them undue stress. They will also know that these “confrontations” do not have to be anything more than expressing your feelings to each other which will strengthen your relationship.

When we contemplate our past and consider where we were and where we are now, we should never measure ourselves by anyone's standards other than our own. The only way examining the past will be of any good to you is if you never compare yourself to another. Comparison is the center of all misery. It offers no value and undermines everything you are. You have special and unique talents and gifts. You are a unique piece of the jigsaw puzzle that we call life. You are needed to complete the puzzle. You are needed exactly as you are. You are moving at the perfect speed and you are in the perfect place. Why compare yourself when there is no comparison. Nobody is better at being you than you and you can never be better at being someone else than that person is.

Growing 140Res Smaller Looking Back   Reflect, Never Regret




But it is in our nature to grow and expand. As much as we need stability and familiarity in our life to stay balanced, we also need variety and excitement. Different people need varying degrees of each, but we are all learning and changing every day, whether we know it or not and whether we like it or not.


So when you look back, measure what you wanted, what you got, how you changed, what you gained and what you lost. It does not matter how far you have come, if you reached your goal or if you stumbled on a better goal on your way to the first one. When we reflect, we are doing so to learn. Shining a light on our past only serves us if we become better people because of it, f we let it mold us into more caring, compassionate individuals and if we use what we have learned to add value to our universe.

There are many human emotions that simply do not serve us. Regret is one of them. We all have things we wish we had not done. So it is fair to say we regret those things. But there is a difference between thinking that maybe a particular decision wasn't the best choice you have ever made and letting regret cause negative emotions that will keep you from getting the most out of life. Once we have deemed something to have been a mistake, reflection will allow us to glean valuable lessons so we can modify our behavior and adapt so that we can grow. If we ever face a similar situation, that memory will surface as a reminder of an unwanted outcome. Looking at a situation or event from the outside to observe and learn has great worth. Letting that memory make you feel bad had no worth at all. There is no need to dwell on things that do not make us feel good.


happygirl 72Res smaller 150x150 Looking Back   Reflect, Never RegretOur thoughts determine how we feel. Pleasant thoughts make us happier. It raises our vibrational frequency and just feels better. Replaying thoughts of anger over something that was done to us makes us more upset, making us feel bad. It lowers our frequency and our mental and physical state of being. Every thought moves us closer or further away from our goals and our purpose in life. The more positive thoughts we have, the better our life will be. If we can look at our mistakes objectively and see them as having the great value they do, without letting the thought of them make us feel bad, we will move closer to our true nature of being in sync with the universe.