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Pants Too Big Think Yourself Thin


In my last blog I wrote about how you can use your thoughts to get the life of your dreams. For most of us, the life of our dreams includes good health. Whether your perfect future includes travel, writing a novel, or starting a new company, how much joy you get out of that future will depend on how well your body serves you.

The person you are, your soul, your energy, your life force, is housed in flesh and blood. Although we strive to improve our minds and we seek to become better individuals, our spiritual, intellectual and physical pursuits are either aided by or hindered by our physical condition. When our bodies are healthy we are able to enjoy life more completely. There are a myriad of illnesses that are a result of being overweight. Heart problems, knee swelling and damage and loss of energy are just a few.

Still, the most common reason that people site for wanting to lose weight is they want to look good. There is nothing wrong with that. When we look our personal best, our whole demeanor is lifted and we walk with a bit more confidence. Translation, when we look good, we feel good. And when it comes down to it, the reason we want anything in life is to feel good. We want the raise because it will feel good to be recognized and have a little more to spend. We want to remodel the bathroom because it will feel good to have an updated room that we can be proud of. We want the new car because we will feel good when we are behind the wheel driving it. We want to feel good. All of our choices are made with the underlying question of “will this make me feel good”. Which is why we often make the wrong choices.

When it comes to weight loss, there are two things you need to do; eat less, move more. Here is how your thoughts and self speak can lead to success or failure.

In the case of eating too much or the wrong foods, we do this because food brings us pleasure. It makes us feel good now. And we have become a society that loves our instant gratification. When we think about a cupcake (or substitute your junk food kryptonite here), we think, “that would be so good. I love the taste of chocolate and the cake will almost melt in my mouth. The frosting is to die for. I have been working out and I have earned it. I can just imagine how good that would be.”

As we put these words in our head we start imagining our future, the future when we are in a blissful trance eating this decadent piece of joy. We trigger the feel good endorphins and our body wants to complete this transaction. It needs to satisfy the craving that we just talked ourselves into having. We just wrote our future and now it is very hard not to live it.
Healthy Choices 200x300 Think Yourself ThinChange your thinking and change your results!!! Even if you are smart enough to keep unhealthy foods out of your house, you will be faced with them. So you will need to change how you associate with foods. People that are overweight usually associate pleasure and satisfaction with foods that are not good for you. You need to look at these foods for what they are and ask the following questions. How many calories are in this item? Is it mostly fat? Even if it is low fat, what else is in this product? Will this food nourish my body? Are the calories void of any nutritious value? Will my body easily digest it? Will it cause other damage to my body, like clogging my arteries? How long will I need to exercise to burn off these calories? Am I really hungry? How will I feel about this choice in 5 minutes?

I'm pretty sure if you ask yourself these 10 questions before you reach for that doughnut, you will be well on your way to making choices that will enrich your body and consequently also enrich every aspect of your life. Never think about making the wrong choice in a good way. Always think about the benefits of the better choice you are making and how good you will feel when making the right decisions comes easily and naturally.
Stretching Is Good 200x300 Think Yourself ThinNever think about the right decision in a bad way. Start looking at the right choices in a positive way. Never ask yourself if you want to workout, walk around the block, do a yoga workout. Always think about the results you will get from consistently making the right choices. Tell yourself, “I am going to feel so amazing when I get done working out. I will be incredibly proud of myself after I do this, especially since it was not the easiest choice. It is going to be a great feeling when my pants start getting lose on me. My body is going to feel so thankful when it gets a good stretch. I am going to love having the extra oxygen circulating through my body making me sharper and more focused.”

Think ahead. Think of the results and imagine how you are going to feel when you have accomplished them. Select thoughts of success and you will achieve it.

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