Water Experiments

To learn more about the mysteries of water, check out the videos and links provided below.




Watch Marlee Matlin in this excellent excerpt from the film What the Bleep Do We Know as Dr. Emoto’s works are explained. Excellent (Running time 2:32)


Water Has Memory is a video clip showing the scientific experiment that found water from the same source looks different under microscope depending on who is handling it. Excellent (Running time 2:50)


Interviews with leading physicists and Dr. Emoto are weaved between excerpts from What the Bleep Do We Know. Excellent (Running time 9:59)


Beautiful video presentation showing spectacular water sources and moving on to Dr. Emoto’s research.  Very good (Running time 5:01)



Pastor Kong Hee speaks with his congregation about how the validity of Dr. Emoto’s research supports the teachings in the Bible.  Very good (Running time 9:45)


Supreme Master TV reports the results of Dr. Emoto’s research finding on an international broadcast with sub titles in multiple languages. Good (Running time 16:52)

Water, Consciousness & Intent: Dr. Masaru Emoto – A video presentation of the formation of water crystal after both positive and negative words were applied to the water.  Good (Running time 3:16)


Put together by Mo Rosati, water researcher, enthusiast, and founder of tv.naturalnews.com, brilliant and compelling photos of the water crystals in Dr. Emoto’s studies are displayed.  Good (Running time 6:18)


This video discusses how the results of Dr. Emoto’s extensive and on going experiments lend to the verification of the supposition that prayer does work.  Good (Running time 8:26)


A short documentary about water and Dr. Emoto.  In Spanish  (Running time 33:47)


An interview with Dr. Masura Emoto himself, about the magic of water. (Running time 9:29)


PDF files

The effects of distant intention on water crystal formation

Another fascinating research study that shows evidence of people affecting the energy of objects

Sylva Report on the Healing Qualities of Water