Why Worry When You Can Be Carefree?

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“Worrying is like paying on a debt that may never come due.” ~Will Rogers

My goal today is to lead you to a place where you will take a closer look at worrying.  By looking at it, and seeing it for what it is, you can get to a place where you can put this wretched habit behind you and never let it rob one more moment of your glorious life from you.

Bold claim, I know, but stay with me.  By shining a light on this useless emotion, you will want to ditch it.  It's will be like you have been carrying around a heavy back pack for most of your life and you finally open it to reveal that it has been filled with nothing but garbage, useless, nasty garbage all this time.  You will want to toss it and feel the sweet relief of lessening your burden.  Being worry free is liberating, exhilarating and allows you to live with a greater degree of joy, bliss even.  It is a gift and it is the way we were meant to live… worry free.

Now let's take a closer look at this thing we do to ourselves.  Unless we are in immediate danger or are in the middle of conflict, worry involves the past or the future.  It helps to be aware that our existence, whether we think it is a great life, a mediocre life, or a bad one, is that way because we “think” it is.  Simply put, your thoughts, positive or negative, will dictate whether your life is positive or negative.  This is important.  Once you grasp this concept, why would you select negative thoughts and purposely inflict a negative life upon yourself?


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When we look at the past, we can either recall positive memories or memories that make us feel bad.  When I am going through my rampage of gratitude, I conjure wonderful images of things I have done, places I have seen and people I have shared these special occasions with.  It makes me smile and I get the warm fuzzies.  This is good.  Anything that makes you feel good, increases your vibration or energy level and draws you closer to your desires.  

But all too often, when we look back at things we could have done better, we do not stop with analyzing the event and putting it behind us.  We bring that situation back with full intensity to beat ourselves up.  We punish ourselves, as if that will change anything.  The fact is, we cannot change the past, but if we learn from it, even mistakes can be a positive thing.

Stop yourself when you hear that voice in your head saying anything like:
You should not have done that
People are going to think you are a jerk for doing that
What were you thinking
Your life would be so much better if only you had only (fill in the blank).

See where I am going with this?  If it makes you feel bad, DON'T DO IT!

So how can we stop with the regrets?
Assign a time to review your actions over the last week.  When mentally evaluating yourself, imagine you are assessing somebody else.  We tend to be more fair and less harsh in rating others than we do ourselves.  Decide what you could do better and move on.
Whenever you remember the past and it doesn't make you happy, push that memory aside and find a good one.
Realize that what is making you feel bad is just a thought!  That thought will still be there if you need to recall if when a similar situation arises, but you do not need it now.  It is not serving you!  Get rid of it!
Observe that you are choosing to replay this thought, therefore you are choosing to make yourself feel bad.  Then ask yourself if you would use sandpaper on your arm and keep rubbing your skin with it even though it hurt.  Would you?  Heck no!  Then realize how silly it is that you are mentally doing the very same thing.


Carefree Girl Small for Post 300x225 Why Worry When You Can Be Carefree?

Now, back to the future.  I understand why we worry.  At one time, I had a black belt in it.  We try to run through every scenario so we can determine the best way to handle it and avoid unpleasantness.  But this back fires on us because we do not know when to stop!

As humans, we have a tendency to project the worst case scenario and then get emotionally attached.  We apply our emotion of fear to an outcome, and this is where we go wrong.

What problem were you worrying about this time last year?  Can you even remember?  Did it turn out as bad as you imagined it would?  Chances are, the answer is no.  Yet we spend so much time with this wasted emotion that only pulls us into the depths of despair rather than allowing us to live the life of our dreams.  Every emotion pulls you closer to or further from where you were meant to be, in a state of blissful abundance.  That would be equivalent to planning a roadtrip to California from Texas and heading east on purpose.  Once you realize you are going the wrong way, you would turn around.  So turn your thoughts around.  Do not spend time going the wrong way!  When you are focused on the best possible outcome, you are in the mindset to produce positive results and find ways to create an opportunity rather than simply handling an unpleasant situation.

So how can we stop with the worry?
You will always have issues that require your attention.  Assign a time to thoroughly exam the best way to handle the issue and do not think about it until then.  Once you have decided the best course of action implement it.  If you must adjust the course of action, assign a time to do that as well.  If this issue comes to mind any other time, find something else to think about.
Ask yourself if worrying is going to help the situation or just make you miserable, then ask if you want to be miserable.  Now if you want to be unhappy, by all means, who am I to stop you?  But sometimes just recognizing that you are engaging in destructive behavior that yields no reward can be enough to snap you out of it.
At the assigned time, think about the best possible outcome of the dilemma at hand and work toward manifesting that result.  
Don't take on problems that are not yours.  Everyone encounters pot holes in the road once in a while.  This is something the other person needs to deal with.  Trust that they are capable of doing so and will ask for help if they need it.
Look around you and enjoy what is in front of you.  Why ruin the present by worrying about a future that may never exist?

Hopefully you it is now obvious how destructive worrying is and how it serves no useful function.  Without this heavy burden, you are free to soar to great heights and start living the life of your dreams.

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